Felix Neubauer

Software Developer

Felix Neubauer

Software Developer

Other Public Minecraft Plugins (2012 – 2019)

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Starting when I was 13 (in 2012) I learned programming in Java in order to be able to write my own server extensions (called plugins) for the computer game Minecraft. My learning process was accelerated by useful tutorials of the „Bukkit“ community, as well as their forum, which I used to discuss questions and ideas. To give back, I published most of the plugins I coded to the community and provided free downloads for my resources, as well as documentation and tutorials. I also provided support to the users of my resources and implemented a lot of their feedback and feature requests, making the resources more effective and also user-friendly.

On this page, I list most of the plugins I have developed (excluding the plugin BossShopPro, because I highlight and describe it in a separate portfolio entry).


BossShopPro Addons

As the modular architecture and simple API of my Java plugin BossShopPro allows it, I have written several addons for this plugin, which enhance it by adding new functionality. Why didn’t I add that functionality directly into BSP? The simple reason is that most of the additional features are only used by a small part of the users of BSP and would, if added directly to BSP, result in unnecessary bloating of the resource. Also, it is useful that the addons can be developed and deployed independently (and the updates provided independently).

I have listed the addons of BossShopPro here: Link.

The source code of some of the addons is available on Github:


Plugins on Bukkit

On the website Bukkit, I have published multiple other Java plugins I had developed. They are:

CommandRank (allows players to promote themselves if they meet certain conditions (kills, play time, exp, money and more))


PlayerPoints (introduces a second currency: points)


BlockCommand (allows assigning commands to a block and if the block is touched or clicked, the command is executed)


and many more…

  • PointShop (allows players to buy different things with points)
  • MoneyShop (allows players to buy different things with money)
  • ItemShop (allows players to buy different things with items)
  • Power (fun plugin that allows players to unleash great powers, e.g. lightning plus surrounded by flames plus spawning zombies, can be combined with other plugins)
  • AngryBombs (allows players to create hidden bombs, that can be detonated with the press of a command)
  • NoSandFall (prevents sand from falling, a common source for server lag if abused by players)
  • NoHeadRename (prevents players from renaming heads in an anvil)
  • Vip-God (makes it possible to make players invincible, but while they are invincible, they can not attack other players)
  • ScheduledCommands (allows scheduling commands: e.g. execute command xy in 15 seconds. Can be used in combination with BossShop)
  • KillRules (CommandRank addon: In CommandRank, you can enable players to get promotions if they have enough kills. This addon prevents players from getting kills (counted) if they just kill the same players again and again)
  • AdvancedBombs (allows players to create custom mines, timebombs, triggerbombs)
  • OneOp (restricts the permission of making other players Op (having all rights) to players whitelisted)
  • BadSign (if people write nasty/unwanted words (blacklisted) they get kicked and the signs removed)
  • EvilChatĀ